Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's On My Nails Today?

Hey girls! I thought I would do a quick NOTD (nail of the day) because I have a lot of homework and tests tomorrow :( Please take part in my poll over there -------> so I can make blogs based on what you want to see. Right now I believe hauls has the most votes, so a haul will be coming up shortly. Oh, and my May Favorites will be up soon, I am just trying to decide between products. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here is your blog :)

So, on my nails for the past week (I paint my nails every week), I have done the nail polish trend where you have a different color on your ring finger. Mine's not necessarily a different color though.
So this is Essie nail polish in Turquoise and Caicos. I was at Ulta, stocking up on my beloved OPI nail polish, and this color caught the corner of my eye. I know a lot of people who rave about this color and I didn't really get it until I was in the store. It is one of the prettiest turquoises that I have ever seen. The only issue was that the first two coats are pretty sheer, and you need a third one to even everything out. To me, this is one of the perfect spring/summer colors and will go great with anything!
So this is the color on both of my ring fingers. This color is by N.Y.C and is 105A or Starry Silver Glitter. I have had this color for a while, but am normally never one to put glitter on my nails. This color is tiny silver sparkles, with blue and pink glitter in it. At first I wasn't sure if I liked how it looked, but it really grew on me.

So basically what I did is paint the Essie Turq & Caicos on ALL of my nails, I had to use three coats. Then I let the nail polish dry and put the N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter on both of my ring fingers. I really love this look because it is more interesting than just a plain nail polish color, but it is not too overdone. Normally I get bored of my nailpolish color after one week, but with these sparkles on, I am getting less bored. Also, when you look at your nails, it provides more interest and is really pretty too! What I will end up trying in the future is painting my ring finger a totally different color then the rest of my nails. A little tip when doing that is to choose corresponding colors, or colors that make each other have that pop factor. 

Alright I must go now, but if I have a chance I will post more blogs today!

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