Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD! 6/26/11

Hey so I don't think that I have done an outfit of the day on my blog yet, so I thought I would! But a few things first: so I just want to say that I didn't show my face because it wouldn't fit in to the photo. Next, I am about to redo my room, thats why everything is a little messy, and thats why my room looks really childish, thats because it is (was). Lastly, there are no sheets on my bed, and my bed is not made because my sheets are downstairs being washed, and my blankets are on my floor :) With that in mind, lets get started!
My Outfit: Full Body View
So keeping in mind what you just read above, this is my outfit today! I really like this outfit, and I think the sweater adds a pretty pop of color. Oh and I get the paint for my room this week! Ah!!! But back to the outfit of the day...
My tank top and cardigan
Alright! Now were really going into detail! So yeahh, I really love this tank top, I got it a while ago from Abercrombie. It has a little v-neck, and a really pretty lace type of detailing on the neckline. After that it drops into a more flowy kind of top! And then my cardigan, which is coral, is from H&M. I think it goes well with my outfit because it adds a bright pop of color, which is perfect for summer :)

hehe my shorts
Last item! So these are my shorts. I got them from TJMaxx. I love these shorts. I have quite a few pairs of shorts, but these are my favorite dark-wash ones! I don't really have anything else to say about them...

Heehee So that was my outfit of the day! Make sure you comment if you like these, because if you do, then I will do more!!!!! Keep commenting and subscribing! I read every single comment you guys write and I love them all!


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  1. that's cute :)