Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost Summer :)

Hey there! I know for most of you out there, it is already summer :) For me, as I tell you in just about every blog, that is not quite true yet. I am still in school, and will be until NEXT friday. Like, not tomorrow but the week after. So I am writing to you because I am a procrastinator and do not want to study for my part 1 of 3 math finals tomorrow. This is pretty much just an update blog because I really wanted to write to you guys but I didn't have the time to plan something out and do research and gather pictures and stuff....
    OH! the good thing is that I have turned in all of my books for the whole year so I don't have any more "super hard" homework. Which is pretty exciting :) The only sad thing is that I, like I said before, am in the midst of all my finals. This week is the worst of it so you can expect a lot of posts over the weekend, but on tuesday and wednesday I had math tests, and then on tuesday, today, and tomorrow I have history tests and then on tomorrow also is my Part 1 Math Final. I have a pretty good grade in math but I mean I am still nervousss. So keep your fingers cross and I hope I will do okay! hahahaha.
     Um sorry for the kinda boring blog. I will do a better blog tomorrow and I will post pictures of my graduation shoes which I am getting tomorrow! and that will complete my graduation dress/outfit post which I have already started....

Alright I must go...I am rambling too much.

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