Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disneyland Haul! (Kind of)

Okay so about a week ago for our second to last day of school, everyone went on a field trip to disneyland. It was super fun because they let us run wild around the park (literally). We were there from about 10-ish to 6 and I think we went on every single ride possible. Ah it was so much fun! Anyway the reason why I am telling you this is because I bought a few things from some stores there and I figured you guys would like to know! So let me show you what I got!
Thing 1 Tee Shirt!
Okay so the first thing I got was this thing 1 tee shirt. Obviously I'm not gonna randomly wear it if you know what I mean, but I got the thing 1 shirt and my friend got the thing 2 shirt so now it is like our little inside joke. Also it is super comfortable :) Making a great pajama shirt!

Bracelet Part 1

Bracelet Part 2

Bracelet Part 3
Alright so the next thing I got was this I <3 Prince Charming bracelet. (It's all one bracelet) I thought this was super cute! It is the material of one of those I <3 boobies bracelets except its pink! Both me and my other friend got this one. I don't know, I found it while I was checking out and I knew that I had to have it :)

BFF Mickey Necklace
And lastly I got this BFF Necklace. I think it is so cute because it says bff and then it has the little mickey head in (fake) crystals and the underline detailing! Actually the whole group of friends that I was with ended up buying this necklace because it would make the trip more memorable, and we all became super close at disneyland! 

Alright so those are the only things that I purchased from disneyland! I hope you guys enjoyed this almost haul and keep commenting and following! Oh and also, my poll over there --> is just about to end so vote while you still can!!!!!

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