Monday, June 27, 2011

I Need Your Help...

Hey Guys!!! So as you know... I need your help. I have been posting everyday, I love my blog and I love to post, and I love all of you girls! The only issue is that with all of these posts, I am running out of ideas for you! So the way you can help me is emailing me at or commenting below with some ideas for me! That way I can ensure that I am doing posts that you guys will love! So please comment or email me ASAP!
I love you guys!


  1. blog about the things you like... look around ur room and look for something that u might be able to talk about.

    talk about favorites, not just makeup but also shows, clothing, activities, whatever. be creative :)

  2. you totally don't have to do a blog every day!!! sometimes doing it not as often makes it that much better for your readers!! you can blog about ANYTHING!! It's your blog! Blog about your favorite shows at the moment, what's in your shower, your favorite books, a haul, the weather, random survey/questionaires! Mine is SOOO random!! I blog about my life, prayer requests, new years resolutions, bucket list, make up, top 10 of the month! do what you wanna do when you wanna do it ;) (follow me :) )