Friday, June 17, 2011

Ulta, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria Secret HAUL!

AH! SORRY THAT I HAVE BEEN A LITTLE MIA LATELY. But anyway, today was my last day of school so you know what that means....a lot more posts coming up! So anyway, from the poll that I had on my blog, Hauls had the most votes. So I have a haul for you today!

Urban Outfitters nail polish in Cocktail
Alright so sorry for the bad picture, i couldn't find the color on the internet. But this is all I got from urban outfitters and it was $5. There was a sale for 2 for $8 so me and my friend each got one. Coral is going to be one of the big colors for summer and so this is a great polish to get!

Pure Seduction Body Cream from Victoria Secret
So this is originally $9.50, I am pretty sure, and they were having a 10 for $40 deal (I already explained this in another video) but anyway for me, this was technically $4.

Now the rest is from ulta so here we go:
One by One Maybelline Mascara (Waterproof)
So the first thing I purchased from ulta was the WATERPROOF one by one mascara. I got waterproof because it is now the summer and i go to the beach/pool every single day so i need a waterproof mascara. Also, I wanted a good quality mascara so i got this one. I also have the falsies and love that one as well. This mascara was $8.

Rimmel London Blush in 021 Summer Fever
Next thing I got was this rimmel london blush which was on sale for $2.49 in their sale bin. I have to say that after using this every day for like a week, I really like it! I would definitley invest in this!

So I got both of these brushes from studio basics. It is the eye blending and smudging brush (2 in 1 brush), and the kabuki brush. I LOVE THESE BRUSHES! I have been using them for the past week and they are amazing! I am not quite sure of the prices anymore, but whatever it is, they are totally worth it!

DKNY Green and Pink Apple Rollerball Perfume
So this next thing is the DKNY double roller ball perfume. This has the green apple on one side and the pink apple on the other. It is limited edition though so u better get it! What I love most about this is that it gives you the amount of perfume of a regular roller ball in each. and it costs the price of 1! (this cost $20)

Too Faced Naked Eyeshadow Palette
Next is the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette for $35. This is a great palette and i will do a tutorial on an amazing eye look i created with it, but in truth i meant to pick up the natural eye palette but accidentally picked this one. oops. But this is still an amazing palette! dont get me wrong, i love this too!

So that just about wraps up my haul...i didn't get too much stuff. but I just wanted to give you guys a post. I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a week. It did not feel like that long. Anyway I am now on summer so you can expect about an average of 1 post per day. (I hope!)

Oh and just a little disclaimer: I paid for all of these products by MYSELF! (if you want me to do a post for how to save money, leave it in the comments below)

Alright. Love you guys! Thank you so much for the support. 


  1. Ah! I love your blog!!!!! Keep making more posts! I love reading your posts! Keep it up! HahA yeahhhh. Make sure to contact me if u culd!

  2. I enjoyed this post and I think you should do the saving money post if you want, it would be interesting for me at least.