Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So on Sunday, after I spent the day at the beach, I went shopping with a friend and so here is what I got:

Alright, so the first things I got were from bath and body works. I had one of those coupons that was the free signature collection item with purchase of $10. So here is the first item i bought:
So this is the Dark Kiss body mist, and I got the travel size bottle for $5. I love this scent! It is my first item from this particular line, and I will definitley invest in the lotion. They were having a deal at BBW for a 3 for $10 of the travel body mists, but I decided not to get any more.
This next product is the Shea Cashmere Hand Cream in Japanese Cherry Blossom. This product is $10 and is great for traveling and carrying in your backpack/purse. Overall, Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favorite scent from BBW and has been for a little while. Not only do I now own the hand cream, but I also have the regular body lotion, and the hand sanitizer :)
This is the Triple Moisture Body Cream in Black Amethyst. This can be purchased for $12 but since I had my free item coupon, this is the item that I got for free. Once again, this is the only product I have of this particular scent, but I will probably be repurchasing it. 

So now are the products from Victoria Secret:
So this is Noir Tease from the Sexy Little Things collection. This is my signature scent, I love it soooo much! It kind of smells like Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, but more vanilla-y ( I have them both). I purchased this bottle for $15 on sale, it is regularly $25. This is 8.4 oz but i also have the 2.5 oz travel size which i keep in my P.E. locker. I totally recommend this scent!

Now for Charlotte Russe:
I got this scarf for $9.50 and I think it is adorable! I wore it to school today! It is one of those summer scarves that don't provide much warmth, just fashion!

Alright so I got two pairs of earrings from Charlotte Russe. I got these same exact earrings, except in a light coral color instead of hot pink. This earrings are orignally $6.50, but I got 2 pairs for $8.
Alright so this is the next pair of earrings that i got, they are orignially $4 but I got the 2 for $8 deal anyway. These earrings are kind of heavy, but they match with literally EVERYTHING!

Now for Claire's:
This is the only pair of earrings that I purchased from Claire's, and they were $9. They do have a little of turquoise in them, which adds a pop of color to any outfit.

And lastly, Forever 21:

I purchased this romper from forever 21 for $11.50. This is called the Sunshine Flora Romper and it is in the cream/burgundy color. I happily realized when I got home that it has pockets! yeah! oh and also the straps and the waistline are adjustable.

The next thing I got was this braided leatherette skinny belt for $2.50. IT'S A STEAL! This belt is great because skinny belts are totally in for summer! and it complements the romper perfectly! 

If you pair the romper from forever 21, with the belt from forever 21, and a coral cardigan from H&M, it makes such a cute outfit! Ah!

Alright, so that was all for my mall haul, the grand total of all my purchases was $70.50 not including tax. FYI, I did pay for all of these items with MY OWN money, and no one elses. If you want me to do a little tip on saving money, then I will. I do realize $70 is not an extremely large amount of money, but I am currently still saving :)

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