Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whats in my beach bag?

*** First of all, sorry that I did not post a blog yesterday, things got really hectic and I just didn't have the time. So I will make up for it by doing multiple blogs today***

Hey so I wanted to do a little blog today showing you what I carry in my beach bag. Since I live in cali, during the summer, I am at the beach like EVERY day. So these are what I find to be my beach bag essentials when I am at the beach!

Alright, so this is my beach bag, and it literally fits everything that I try to stuff in there. It is from Victora Secret and I actually got it about a year and a half ago so I don't think it's available anymore...but yeah, the first thing you will need is a beach bag :)

I just use a crop top as a cover-up, and really any crop top will do. I don't own this one, I actually bought a shirt at my local street fair and then cropped it myself, and i think it is a lot cuter than this one....shhhh!!!!!!!!

I like to carry a book/magazine also, so right now I have the latest issue of seventeen, and I bring it incase I want to tan, or just lay on my towel and read something.

Probably the most important thing you will need is sunscreen! It is important not only to spray it on before you go, but also to spray it on while your there to ensure that you don't get burned!

Another thing you will need is rubber flip flops! I got these from aeropostale and they are still available! You want to buy the rubber flip flops because if you bring leather wants, you will never get ALL of the sand out from them, and they start rubbing against your skin and causing blisters, so get the rubber ones! (trust me, I am telling you from experience)

Alright, everybody needs lip balm! I have the eos lip balm sphere in summer fruit, AND I LOVE THIS THING! It is no hands but it is still a lip balm, and it glides on soooo smoothly and it makes your lips so smooth! I got mine at Ulta for 3.49, regular price and it is soooo worth it! I would think it would be like 7 or 8 dollars, but its not!
So the next thing I bring is perfume! I have 2 of these because they are limited edition and soooo amazing! So this is the DKNY BeDelicious perfume in the green apple and the pink apple roller ball. I got mine for $20 at ulta! and I think I might be in love with this duo! Well, not really, but I definitely love it!
So the next thing I carry is lotion, and it varies what type of lotion I bring, depending on what is my favorite of that moment, and right now it is the Pure Seduction from the secret garden collection at Victoria Secret. I got this recently with my friend and we had to buy 8 for gifts, and we each got one for ourselves because they were having a 10 for $40 deal so technically, this was only $4.

And so the last things that I bring are a detangler, I am currently using the UNITE 7-seconds leave in conditioner, it is a little expensive, but you can also use it as a heat protectant. And the official last thing I carry is a brush because you need something to brush the detangler through your hair with.

Alright thanks so much for supporting me! and i just want to mention that all the products that are up here are products THAT I OWN (minus the crop top, but I already told you that) And all of these things are paid for by myself. I know that seems crazy considering that I'm only a young-ish teenager but my mom makes me pay for everything myself (except for meals)

So I hope you all enjoyed!!!!!!

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