Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have a haul today!!!!!!! yayy! haha so yes I do have a haul and it is kind of a collective haul because I did not purchase everything on one day. So here we go!

Alright. First for Bath and Body Works. They were have a HUGE sale! I mean pretty much everything was 50-75% off! I only got two things, and I am not sure if I like one of them.
Coconut Lime Verbena Full-Size Lotion
Okay so this is the first thing that I got, and it is the one where I'm not sure if I like it or not. I have never been a big fan of coconut but when I smelled this in the store, it smelled of the lime and just kind of a beachy smell. But when I got home and smelled it, I smelled a lot more coconut. I still like the lime in it but I am not sure what I am going to do. I haven't used it yet so should I gift it away to a friend? or should I use it on my legs and deal with the smell? Please comment and tell me what I should do :)
Dark Kiss Travel-Size Lotion
So this is the next thing that I got, and it is travel size. Sorry that I do not have the sale prices for these, I lost the receipt. Anyway, I got the travel size for this because I have the body spray and I love this scent! Also, now I can layer this scent!

So that was all for B&BW, I should have the prices for everything else now. I am super sorry about that!!!! I know their original prices but I forgot their sale prices. :( Anyway! The next store is Sephora! So I don't leave super close to a sephora but I found a mini one in the JC Penny at my mall. Now sadly this mini sephora does not carry mac products. :( So I need to find somewhere else to buy those. Anyway here is what I got from Sephora! :
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Fame
Okay so I have been wanting a Smashbox Lip gloss for a super super long time! I finally bought it! So this is in fame, it is $18, and I love this lip gloss because you can do a super bold hot pink lip, or a cute light pink lip. I also love this because it has the sponge applicator. I was going to get one that was a brush, but then I found this one!

So that is all for sephora, now on to Victoria Secret! So I caught the end of their Semi-Annual sale, But they were still having some pretty good deals.
Noir Summer
So this is the Sexy little things Noir Summer (Limited Edition) and it was $25 (not on sale). I love the noir tease, hate the regular noir, but love the noir summer!!!!! I had to buy this scent and since it was limited edition, I just bought the big size. 

So the next thing I can't find pictures for but I got 4 pairs of the Victoria secret hipster underwear. They were on sale for $3.99 and they are normally $10.50! One is purple and says gorgeous on the butt, one is  neon yellow and says love pink on the butt, one is hot pink and says surf pink on the butt, and the last one is black and says love pink all over the front. If you wonder why I am telling you this, that is because this is a haul, and I have to share everything I got. right? okay. 

Now for Tillys:
So I got two shirts from tillys, but if you don't know what tillys is,  it is kind of like a pacsun or just kind of a beachy store like that. 
Alright so I got this Tribal-y Crop top from tilly's for $27.99. As you can tell it does have a tribal inspired pattern, and a little v-neck, and a type of angel-winged sleeves. I really like this as a crop top. Super cute :)

Alright so the last thing I got from tillys was this tank top. It was part of their sizzlin' hot summer sale so I only got it for $8.99. This is also a crop top, but the picture doesn't show it very well. It is one of those crop tops that is shorter in the front, and longer in the back. 

Almost done! Now were at Ulta.
Rimmel London Recovery Anti-Fatigue Concealer
Okay so I got this concealer from Ulta in the shade 100 Ivory. I am more tan than that, and normally need a darker color, but this matches and blends into my skin very well. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part: I got this in the sale section at Ulta! So this concealer was originally about $5 to $7 or something, but I got it for $2! I really like it so far (the one time that I have used it) and will be doing a review on it soon. 
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes  (10 pack)
So this is the last thing that I bought from ulta and it caught my eye right before I checked out. This is the  10 (travel) pack, $3, and not only do they remove all of your make-up, but they nourish and moisturize your skin as well! I have used to towelettes so far and I have to say that although the cucumber scent is a little strong for me, I love these towelettes because they work so well!

Alright so that was my haul, and I know that you are going to say that I go shopping way too much, and I am going to agree with you :) I do go shopping a lot, but I pay for EVERYTHING with my own money! Keep commenting and subscribing!!!



  1. Great haul ♥
    I wish we had a bath and body works in the UK, would love to try out some of those beautiful body sprays and lotions. They just seem so utterly gorgeous =)

    Coconut is one of my fav scents for the summer and mixed with lime makes it sound even more yummier.

    Much love


  2. i love the noir collection! :)

  3. BBW has a 100% satisfaction guarantee...if you don't like the CLV lotion, return it :) since you don't have your receipt you will get store credit, but you might want to hurry because it may be going to even more of a discount and your store credit would be at that price!

  4. OMG!!!! I love all of this stuff, I wish I was you becasue your probs really gorgeous! Well I'm gonna go on a haul of my own k with love.... Jack

  5. thanks so much! all of you! Im so sorry I stopped posting, I forgot all my passwords and am now locked out of my account :( with love xoxo, jennifer