Monday, June 27, 2011

My Blog...

Hey girls! So I just spent an hour redo-ing my blog....hopefully you noticed (or are noticing now) the different font, the tabs, all that good stuff :) please tell me if you like it better, or give me any suggestions on how you think I can make it better. I am open to any suggestions, and I am not quite sure myself if I love it yet. I definitely know that I like the tabs, but I am not sure if I love the new font for the text. I changed it because I am doing this at 10:00 and the font kind of hurt my eyes and thats not good. Plus I like this font :)
Maybe it will grow on me?! I'll give it a few days and I ask you to do the same, and give me your feedback on how you like it. Thank you sooo much!


  1. I like the pink. End of story lol
    I also changed the font on my blog :)

  2. how did you add tabs?!?! HELP!!!