Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOTD: 6/22/11

**First of all, I fixed it! Well not really, but after I published the previous post I tried again and it worked! haha so never mind...**

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share the nails that I have been sporting for the past week, so if you are ready, then lets get started!
My Nails! :)
So as you guys can tell, I have done a more sophisticated nail (it's still really easy!) this week!  Alright so for a base coat I have on OPI Sparrow Me The Drama from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I think this is such a pretty pink. :)
OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
Then for the base or the main color of the spots I have OPI Need Sunglasses? Which looks like this:
OPI Need Sunglasses?
I love this bright cheery yellow! I think it could just cheer up your whole day! (Unless it's so bright it hurts your eyes!)

Alright and lastly for the little detail around the spots, I have OPI Black Onyx. It is like a straight-up black so I normally don't paint my nails this solid color. 
OPI Black Onyx
I purchased all of these from Ulta and these are $8.50. I have to purchase these by myself, with my own money, and if these are a little too expensive for you, I am positive that there are dupes that look almost exactly the same. The reason why I always go back to OPI is that I love their colors and I love their brushes and how easy it is to apply the nail polish!
   So that is my NOTD, if I start using NOTW that is because they are all technically my nails of the week. Please comment below with any requests! I love you guys!


  1. I love your blog!!! I followed you back!!!

  2. Hey hun just came across your blog. It looks great, will be following you. Hope you can follow back if you like what you see on mine.
    I have never tried OPI but there have been so many raves about it that I may just have to spoil myself next time I get paid XD
    I really am loving this NOTD, it's so pretty!!!