Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY: Drab to Fab!

Hey! Do you like the title? I came up with it myself actually ;) Anyway I do have a DIY project for all of you today! Basically, you can take your old, out of style t-shirt, and turn it in to something new! Wanna know how? Let's get started! Alright so here is what you will need:
Supplies: An old t-shirt (I had tie-dyed doesn't matter),  pencil, scissors, ruler, and tape
Okay so I know that most of us keep up with the latest fashion trends, but sometimes can't afford to buy all of the new trends (although this one is fairly inexpensive). So I figured this out and I really like the results, just keep in mind that this was my very first time doing it, so it may or may not look that great :)

Step 1: You are going to cut off the bottom of the shirt where it is hemmed. You are going to cut off just enough so that all of the bottom hem has been cut off. (about an inch of fabric) Mine is pictured below:
So this is what the shirt looks like with out the hem on the bottom (In the picture it looks basically the same)

And if your wondering what  I am talking about when I say "bottom hem" it's the thing above right there. So its just like the sewing on the bottom. Oh and on my nails is nicole by opi in play fair :)

Step 2: Tape and Cut
     So basically you are going to try the shirt on and mark where you would like your fashionable fringe to start. I did it with a pencil so it will wash out. Then once you mark it, your a going to take a peice of tape the width of your shirt and line it up where the pencil mark is....make sure its straight! If your wondering why I didn't just put a pencil line across the whole shirt, I cannot make a straight line for the life of me. Anyway, next you are going to start near the edge of the shirt and cut a line up to the tape. Then using your ruler, you are going to go about a half-inch away and cut a parallel line. It should look like this:

Step 3: The Knotting Begins
     So now begins the cool part. So basically all you do is make one knot at the base of the strand (about where the tape ends), and then make another halfway down the strand...Which looks like this: 
Sorry that its not too visible...

Step 4: Repeat
    Okay so basically all your going to do now is steps 2 and 3 all around the bottom of the shirt! It is actually really easy but it will take a long time. I recommend watching tv or listening to music while you finish this project. Here are some more pictures:
Just starting
So this is what it looks like if you have only done a few strands. But in this picture you can tell what I mean when I say one knot at the base, and one halfway down...

Little over halfway!
Wahoo! Halfway done!  It's really coming along!...

Finally, It's finished!

Dun Du-Du-Dun!!!!!
This is what it looks like on! Love it!!!!!
Thank you for reading my first ever DIY blog! Comment if you would like more!!!!


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  1. i like this! defs trying it soon :)