Monday, July 18, 2011

June Favorites

Wow am I late! haha it's already the 18th of July! Well I apologize for that and I promise my July favorites will be up before August 18th haha. Anyway, there is not that many this month, but lets get started! Oh and these are not in any specific order, I love them all the same!

Noir Tease
For June this was one of my favorite perfumes, (it still is) but in June I wore it all of the time. It reminds me of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, except a little more vanilla-y. I am pretty sure you guys have already heard me rave about this before, but if you haven't...Go try it out! I promise you won't regret it.

So the next thing I have been loving is Make it or Break it. While I am waiting for the new season to come out, I am currently re-watching all of the episodes. Right now I think I am on season 1 episode 11. So I have quite a lot of episodes to watch! Anyways, I hadn't watched this show until a friend recommended it to me and I have been loving it ever since! I definitely think you should watch it! They have all the episodes on hulu. 
Conair Infiniti Curling Wand
Next is my favorite curler! During the summer I tend to curl my hair (or make it wavy) a lot and this is my favorite wand! If you want really tight pretty spirals then you can curl it the day of, but if you want really pretty waves then you can curl it the night before and sleep on it! Either way this is definitely worth the $29 that I paid for it! It also has multiple heat settings and I love the no-clamp feature.
Alright so this next thing is very general and it is earrings. Not specifically the pair shown above, but all earrings. Studs and dangling earrings! I love wearing earrings because they help compliment your outfit and I find that I wear them more during the summer because I am not rushed in the mornings.
So my next and last favorite for this month is Vaseline. I love it specifically for what I mentioned in an earlier blog, and that is to wipe away your mascara in case it ran. Even if you apply it and you get some on your eyelid it works perfectly! I generally use this if I forget to put on my waterproof mascara and my mascara ends up running while I am at the pool. If you rub a little of this one, its gone! Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly work!

Alright so those are all of my June favorites and I hope you guys enjoyed! Keep commenting and subscribing!



  1. those feather earrings are gorgeous!

  2. I love Make it or Break it! Although...I only watched the first two seasons! I need to catch up:) and I love those earrings!

  3. My mom says she used to use Vaseline to take off all her eye makeup when she was younger. Weird how it works isn't it? I nominated you:

  4. I also like your blog!!! stick with it!